So what exactly IS BioKinesiology?!

So what exactly IS BioKinesiology!? Kinesiology is becoming one of the fastest growing complementary health therapies in the world, but we often hear people say “Kinesi-what?!” Kinesiology (pronounced kin-ee-zee-ology)  is a therapy that involves muscle testing, which gets an honest answer from your body, using various muscles and testing them for strength or weakness. Muscle testingContinue reading “So what exactly IS BioKinesiology?!”

Amazing benefits of Vitamin C!

In this month’s blog, we will look at Vitamin C and its many uses! Vitamin C is so versatile and beneficial and it could very well be one of the safest and most important vitamins you could take on a daily basis. It is important for so many chemical reactions in the body, that withoutContinue reading “Amazing benefits of Vitamin C!”

Anxiety and Zinc- the missing link?

  Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression are incredibly common today. There are a number of nutrient imbalances that can contribute to all of the above; B12, folate, zinc, copper, vitamin D, choline, B6 and riboflavin B2, just to name a few. In this blog, we will look specifically at the role of Zinc and Copper and the parts they can playContinue reading “Anxiety and Zinc- the missing link?”

What is Candida and could you have an overgrowth in your system?

Candida is a fungus, (a type of yeast), which lives in small amounts in your mouth and digestive system. It’s main job is to help with digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. With our busy lifestyles nowadays, eating diets high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, consuming large amounts of alcohol and using antibiotics moreContinue reading “What is Candida and could you have an overgrowth in your system?”