Anxiety-natural remedies & treatment to help you

Anxiety is debilitating to live with and here at Midlands Kinesiology we have seen a HUGE surge in the amount of people seeking treatment for it. With the fear and panic being fed to us through the media, people are seeking remedies to help with anxiety now more than ever. As many as 6 outContinue reading “Anxiety-natural remedies & treatment to help you”

Australian Bush Flower Essences- What are they and how do they work?!

Everything that exists has an energy- you, me, the cat, the birds, the rocks in your garden, the flowers and plants, the crystal on the windowsill! We ALL have a unique vibrational rate or energy; this has been proven by physics and science. Vibrational or energetic imbalance affects the quality of our lives in manyContinue reading “Australian Bush Flower Essences- What are they and how do they work?!”