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Here at Midlands Kinesiology, we focus on a particular type of Kinesiology called BioKinesiology. BioKinesiology is unlike other modalities of kinesiology in that it focuses on the Biochemical pathways of the body in order to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Starting with toxicity testing, your body is checked for toxin overload such as viruses, bacteria, fungus/ candida, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals and radiation. Your body will indicate if any of these are a problem and if so, where in the body they are primarily affecting. By identifying toxins that are affecting the body and removing these, we can give it a chance to heal itself, as this is its natural process. Our body can find it difficult to heal if the environment does not allow it to.

Maeve is spectacular, she pin pointed exactly what was going on with my Immune system, I literally walked out of her room feeling fantastic, over the course of the next few days I started feeling even better once i started the Recommendations. This girl is pure magic and has changed my life.

Sarah O'Neill Roscommon

I’ve been under Maeve’s care for about two years and she has helped our whole family with an array of things over the years. No matter what is ailing you, Maeve can give you answers and help to turn your health around. Very very grateful to have her in our care team.

Anne Marie Hynes Athlone

The Bush Flower Remedy is absolutely brilliant. I had bad anxiety, poor sleep and no interest in doing anything, now I am sleeping much better, much calmer and not as stressed, have an interest in going places and doing things again. I couldn’t recommend the Bush Flower Remedies enough.

Linda MacNamara Athlone

I went to Maeve on a recommendation of a family member and have since brought my two children and recommended her to others. I went for hormonal issues and not being able to sleep. She had it sorted within 2 sessions and sorted my daughters constant cough and wheeze and my son had constipation. This type of kinesiology is brilliant. You wont regret trying it.

Angie Tyrell Athlone

Maeve is fantastic at what she does. She is so thorough and knowledgeable. She has helped me massively in many ways. I have recommended Maeve to so many others who also say she has supported them and helped them too. Thank you Maeve!

Ethel Waldron

It was recommended by my sister. I went for 3 sessions with stomach problems. I found a great difference in how I was feeling. I would recommend her to others!

Noel Egan

Maeve is just THE best! She gets to the root of your problem and it seems effortless, but her knowledge and talent is amazing, both in Biokineology and Bushflower essence. I have had sessions over a number of years for different issues. I can honestly say that I am so grateful for Maeve. Members of my family and friends have also had sessions with Maeve on my recommendation and all with positive results. Keep doing what you do Maeve, and thank you for doing it!

Jackie Hynes

Maeve is just fantastic at getting to the root of your problems. She leaves no stone unturned. I have suffered digestive problems for almost 30 years. Been down the big Pharma route , worked for short while then would stop. I hate taking medication but did take numerous meds but relief was always short lived. I have visited Midlands Kinesiology 3 times and always felt so much better leaving. Maeve tried a few different drops and supplements and each worked and felt a good bit better , but she really worked her magic on my last visit by recommending digestive enzymes and caprylic acid. The difference it has made is just unbelievable.... I would highly recommend Maeve. She is a very talented caring knowledgeable lady and you will be amazed with the healing. Thank you Maeve for all you help and I will be back in a few months for a wee review. 💝

Kate Connelly

I have had the pleasure of attending Maeve’s clinic since November 2022. I initially went with a skin issue and she quickly got to the bottom of the problem and I can gladly say that after just 1 session my symptoms started to subside, and now after 4 sessions I am pretty much clear! She tested me for lots of foods and supplements and found the ones that suited me best which was great after years of taking things that just didn’t work! Maeve taught me ways to handle stress and made up specific flower remedies which are always so on point. I always enjoy visiting Maeve as it feels like catching up with an old friend, she is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable especially when discussing vulnerable and personal subjects. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to better themselves!

Tracy Glynn Galway

I highly recommend Midlands Kinesiology. Maeve has worked miracles for me. I had problems with my skin and my gut and since going to Maeve, things have massively improved. The process is so interesting and it really does work. Maeve is also so warm and I instantly felt at ease with her and I felt great coming out of every visit. I am so glad I went to her and couldn't rate her highly enough

Michelle Fawl Ennis Co. Clare

Maeve is absolutely fantastic! She has helped me in so many different ways. I went three times and I now feel like a completely different person. I was initially sceptical of kinesiology but I was recommended to go by a family member. I am so glad I went to Maeve. She gets to the cause of the problem really quickly and educated me along the way. Super interesting and helpful person- beyond grateful!

Catherine Costello

Maeve is simply amazing! She quickly finds what's causing low energy levels, sleep disturbances, food intolerances, skin problems and imbalances in your body to name a few and rectifies them. I feel like a million dollars! My energy levels have soared. I am oozing positivity and vitality!! I'd highly recommend her.

Shona Holian

I’ve been to Maeve twice and I have to say the whole experience is fantastic she takes the time to listen and is very thorough I felt totally relaxed the whole time, I learned so much about how my body works and what was good for me and what wasn’t it was so interesting, she recommended supplements and I also got some of her amazing bush flower remedies when I went back the second time I was feeling great and I had great improvement so to anyone thinking about booking a consultation with Maeve do it you won’t be disappointed I can’t recommend her enough.

Omnis_ CSW7167

Maeve is fantastic at what she does. She is so friendly and you really feel at ease with her. I went to her for 2 sessions and she got to the root of my problem. Thank you Maeve!

Niamh Carroll

Maeve is a lovely lady she is excellent at her job, definitely helped my sinus and overall well being. Would highly recommend Maeve, I have been recommending her to loads of my friends and family

Brenda Kelly

I went to meave for issues with food and bloating. After two sessions I feel so much better I had to change my diet but it is so worth it . No more boating, stomach issues and I feel so much better . She is such a kind positive person and a book of knowledge . I have recommended her to loads of people since . Highly recommend. Thanks for all your help.

Lisa R

I went to see Maeve as I had been struggling with a variety of different things but in particular with ibs. I had tried lots of different things over the years and some helped in the short term but never really got to the root of the problem. Maeve on the other hand doesn't leave any stone unturned until she finds what the issue is. I had never heard of kinesiology until my sister in law recommended that I try it and I am so glad that I did. Maeve is a wonderful person who is genuinely committed to helping people feel their best.

Sandra Whyte



Want to change how you feel? Are you ready to get healthy again? See if BioKinesiology can help you. Call Maeve on 0906400184 or fill in the form below with as much detail as possible and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

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