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Biokinesiology Treatment Athlone, Westmeath Ireland | Meave Sherlock



All illness begins when the body is in a state of ‘dis-ease’ whether that is a state of toxic overload (chemicals from foods (additives, pesticides, herbicides), beauty products, toiletries, the environment, medications, microbes, radiation, food intolerances), emotional imbalance from stress/ trauma, or a biochemical blockage within the body.  BioKinesiology seeks to find what toxins and imbalances your body has, and what you need in order to remove them. If the body is given the chance, its innate ability is to heal itself and we want to give you the tools to do this. We always ask “What is the root cause of your symptoms?”

Starting with toxicity testing, your body is checked for toxin overload such as viruses, bacteria, fungus/ candida, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals and radiation. Your body will indicate if any of these are a problem and if so, where in the body they are primarily affecting. By identifying toxins that are affecting the body and removing these, we can give it a chance to heal itself, as this is its natural process. Our body can find it difficult to heal if the environment does not allow it to.



Maeve Sherlock is from Athlone and lives in beautiful Castlesampson.  She has a background in both BioKinesiology and Systematic Kinesiology and her BioKinesiology qualification was undertaken with Elma Murphy and Pippa O’Gorman, two of Ireland’s most experienced and well respected Kinesiologists.

Maeve has a particular interest in digestive /autoimmune & emotional issues and has extensive experience of autoimmune issues, having had four major surgeries in the past for Ulcerative Colitis. She is continually researching autoimmune issues and the impact of diet on these.

Maeve’s own health journey led her to kinesiology 10 years ago and she began her training in 2015 and has been practicing since then. She is currently studying to become a Master Practitioner with Australian Bush Flower Essences for emotional health & wellbeing. She is also a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) practitioner.

She has a wealth of experience to offer her clients who may be suffering with digestive issues, chronic pain or inflammatory conditions and through BioKinesiology she has successfully managed her own autoimmune symptoms, chronic pain and inflammation levels using all natural supplements and herbs.

Maeve says; “Our genetic make-up may load the gun, but our diet & environment (chemical, emotional and physical) pull the trigger! We may have a genetic predisposition to autoimmunity or a certain illness, but if we heal leaky gut/ the gut lining, we can help the body to return to health.”

Maeve treats many clients with IBS, IBD, Diverticulitis and also has experience in helping clients adjust to gluten free/dairy free diets, providing nutritional information to clients after consultation. Along with much success in treating IBS/ IBD, she has had excellent results in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis etc. She has also had many success stories with people suffering with anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

Maeve is also an energy healer and intuitively picks up on energy blockages and emotional trauma with clients.  Along with BioKinesiology, she treats chronic anxiety/ trauma with EFT/ TAT trauma rewiring techniques and teaches clients how to manage their anxiety themselves.



Maeve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (2:1), having graduated from DCU as a Secondary School Music & Religion Teacher in 2008. She worked in the Education Recruitment sector for 8 years and has managed two Education Recruitment Agencies. However, with Midlands Kinesiology becoming increasingly busy, Maeve left her management role in 2018 and is delighted to be working full time helping clients improve their own health.

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To get in touch with Maeve for a confidential chat to see if BioKinesiology can help you, mail her here or call her on 0861077569 or 0906400184