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Frequently Asked Questions

Bio Kinesiology can help treat a wide range of conditions, including those listed below, but not limited to those. We treat the whole body, not just the symptoms, and we treat what the body shows is a priority.

Digestive Issues:

Reflux, Colic, Indigestion, Heartburn, Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Constipation, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Diverticulitis, Wind problems, Bloating, Bad Breath

Recurrent Infections:

Throat, Sinus & Ear infections, Fungal infections-Thrush/ Candida, Recurrent Urinary Tract/ Kidney infections

Skin Problems:

Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Eczema, Unexplained rash, boils, inflamed/ itchy skin

Fatigue/ Energy Loss & Chronic Pain:

Long term fatigue, Low energy/ poor sleep/ unable to sleep, Restless legs, pains in legs/ankles, Muscle/Nerve pain, Back & Neck pain/ Joint Pain & Inflammation

Emotional / Stress related problems:

Depression/ Anxiety/ Fears/ Phobias, Adrenal fatigue/ long term stress, Migraine

Hormonal problems:

Thyroid issues, Slow metabolism/ weight issues, Irregular menstrual cycle, Unexplained infertility, Perimenopausal/ Menopausal Symptoms.

The number of sessions required will depend on whether your problem is chronic (lasting longer than 3-6 months), or acute. The longer you have had a problem, the longer it may take to correct. However, over 80% of people feel a noticeable difference in 2-3 sessions.

Initial consultation:

€90 (1 hour 30 mins) Includes dietary advice & support

Subsequent consultations:

€40 Dosage check appointment (35 mins)

€70 (1 hour)

€80 (1 hour 30)  (emotional support work included)

€100 (1 hour 45) (Kinesiology plus EFT work)

Supplements / remedies are additional cost and are purchased separately by the client.

Bush Flower Essence combination remedies are available if needed at the end of the session and cost €15 for a 4 week bottle and €20 for 7 to 8 weeks. These remedies help with clearing any emotional blockages/ anxiety/ depression etc. During a consultation, a remedy is made up specific to your needs.

We can try to work within your budget in terms of supplements where necessary. Most clients need a maximum of 3 consultations in total over a period of 4 months approximately.

Australian Bush Flower remedies are also available to purchase without consultation. Just click here for more info!

Other therapies offered: 

Emotional Freedom Technique training  €70 1 hr

TAT Trauma Rewiring €100 1 hour

Pendulum Healing €70 1 hr

Energy healing €70 1 hr

Clients remain fully clothed, and a full case history of your problem will be taken. Certain questions regarding diet/ lifestyle will be asked.

Maeve then tests a number of muscles for strength or weakness using gentle pressure and your body will respond and give feedback on certain energy lines/ points.

Clients are tested for relevance of viruses, parasites, bacteria, candida/fungus and the body responds to each of these vials placed on the body. Heavy metals are also checked.

Nutrition will be checked in the form of certain vitamins/ minerals/ tonics, to see what your body is in need of.

The first session will also involve food sensitivity testing, which can also be offered as a stand alone treatment if desired. Clients usually leave a session feeling relaxed and will receive recommendations to follow until the next session.

The first session will last approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and includes food intolerance testing. Sessions are 1 hour thereafter.

No. We do not recommend clients come off any prescribed medication without consulting with their GP first. BioKinesiology is a complementary therapy, and any recommendations made in terms of diet/ nutrition are supplementary and not intended to replace prescribed medication. Recommendations will be made based on what your body tests to needing; vitamins, minerals, homeopathic detox remedies etc.

The clinic is at the back of Nicola Ryan Pilates Boutique and unfortunately we don’t have a waiting room. We ask that clients arrive at exact time for appointment. There is no cross over of clients as we allocate time between appointments for sanitizing so strict confidence is adhered to. 

Thanks for your interest!

I’m actually on maternity leave at the moment, but if you would like to leave your information in the box below I’ll answer your query as soon as I return to work. In the meantime be well.

Please note orders will be posted on these dates only – 4th Oct, 1st & 22nd Nov, 6th & 20th Dec, 3rd & 24th Jan, 7th & 21st Feb.