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Could parasites be causing your symptoms?

Parasites are not openly talked about, yet with kinesiology testing, they show up daily as being a potential cause of many symptoms. We worm our cats and dogs, so why do we ignore the fact that we are mammals too!?

As many as 6 out of 10 people we test at Midlands Kinesiology show to parasites being a root cause of symptoms. A simple digestive system detox can improve all of the symptoms below.



Symptoms of Parasites- How many of these symptoms do you have? 🤔😬

  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Mood swings/ temper tantrums
  • Depression & Suicidal thoughts
  • Nightmares/ night terrors
  • Insomnia
  • Itchy Skin
  • Waking feeling ‘whoozy’ or ‘hungover’
  • Intense sugar cravings
  • Heavy/strange taste in mouth
  • Crawling sensations
  • Unexplained rash
  • Blister-like spots on body
  • Skin peeling on hands/ feet
  • Dark lines/ circles under eyes
  • Pale complexion
  • IBS
  • Chronic Diarrhoea
  • Colitis
  • Reflux
  • Excess wind/ ammonia smelling breath/ urine
  • Itchy anus, especially at night
  • Anaemia/ unexplained low iron
  • Low immune system- always sick
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Ovarian cysts/ PCOS

What exactly are parasites!?

A parasite is ‘an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.’ The parasite uses the host’s resources to fuel its life cycle. It uses the host’s resources to maintain itself, ie. it has a great time ‘piggy backing’ off you; eating the nutrition you have taken in in the diet, laying eggs and making your body its home!

There are many different types of common parasite;


These are simple celled parasites but can cause as many symptoms as the more complex ones and these can be difficult to treat. Examples are Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Entamoeba histolytica. All of these cause cramping & chronic diarrhoea. These are also common in pets and cause chronic diarrhoea that can last weeks.


These are worm parasites. Examples include Roundworm, Pinworm, Tapeworm, and Fluke. They are in two categories: Trematodes (flukes) and Cestodes (tapeworms). We won’t elaborate too much on these as we could write an entire book on them but don’t want to rattle you too much.. (Recommended reading at bottom of blog if you would like to know more…!)


These live on, rather than in their hosts. They include lice and fleas! Fortunately the fleas leave us alone as humans, but the lice & bedbugs come for us.

Are you itching yourself yet?! -We thought so….. But fear not! Parasites are treatable and far more common than we like to believe!

How do we get parasites!?


Usually parasites get in to the system on food (undercooked meats, especially pork, fish (particularly uncooked or smoked fish, such as sushi), unwashed fruit & vegetables & contaminated water… water outside / puddles are particular hot spots for toddlers and animals…

Low stomach acid:

If our HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) in our stomach is low (coffee and tea consumption, chlorine/flouride in tap water, pesticides on fruit & veg or mercury from amalgam tooth fillings all effect our HCL levels), then parasites can easily get in to the system. Our HCL acts as an anti-microbial as it kills off any parasites, bacteria etc.


Touching surfaces such as door handles/ public transport, unwashed utensils, poor hygiene (fecal-oral route), floors, furniture, the ground/ garden, unclean toys in creche/ school


A very common way for children/ babies and adults to become infected is by letting dogs/ puppies/ cats lick you on the face or hands! An animals tongue is laden with bacteria and potential parasites/ parasite eggs.

Oh my GOD, I have lots of the symptoms, what can I do!?

Have a word with your local pharmacist about an over the counter remedy such as vermox/ ovex. It is advisable to also treat other members of the household, and pets too. It is imperative you repeat the dose after 10 to 14 days to ensure any eggs are also killed.

Your local BioKinesiologist will be able to test and see if parasites are showing for you. Visit www.biokinesiology.ie/practitioners to see who your local practitioner is.

Anti-parasitic foods include: garlic, pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinegar, ginger.

Other good remedies include: Diatomaceous Earth, Colloidal/ Ionic Silver, Probiotics, Black Walnut, Clove, Garlic, Thyme, Yarrow, Yellow Dock, Grapefruit seed.

Ideally it is best to see exactly what your body needs as everyone is individual and what may work for someone may not be effective for you. BioKinesiology will be able to test and see exactly what you need to kill them. If you are taking any medication, it is important to check any potential interactions with herbs; as your pharmacist if in doubt.

Parasites are treatable; here is one client’s s experience & what she went through last year. She is just one of many clients we have treated for parasites. She was travelling in Thailand when she was bitten. She started to develop many of the symptoms listed above, including chronic fatigue which left her unable to work and with no energy for anything. Here is her story..

“I was suffering with low mood, low energy, high anxiety and serious sugar cravings. I had suspected parasites after a trip to Thailand as I was bitten over there and had big bites on my feet that turned into nasty sores… I did a parasite cleanse when I got home and then forgot about the parasites again, until I developed symptoms such as chronic fatigue, joint pains, really bad anxiety, very low mood. I decided to try BioKinesiology and parasites showed up strongly for me (a number of them!) and I followed a straight forward treatment that was identified for me and slowly began to feel better. I returned for a checkup on my progress every few weeks until they were gone. My energy slowly started to improve but it took a number of months. I learned so much from Maeve during the process, like the digestive enzymes in your stomach need to be optimal to prevent re-infection. As a result, I no longer crave sugary foods and my mood and energy are so much better now thankfully.” –    

Don’t let your symptoms take over your life: BioKinesiology can help YOU eliminate your symptoms once and for all. Contact Maeve on 0906400184 or text 0861077569 if you have a query or would like to book an appointment. 

Consultations are €70 and you purchase any remedies needed separately. On average clients need a total of 3 consultations in a 3-5 month period, but this depends on how long you have had symptoms for and what you need in order to clear toxins (bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungus, yeast, metals or chemicals) from the body.



**Recommended reading on parasites:

‘Guess what came to dinner’-Ann Louise Gittleman Ph.D., CNS

Parasites: Tales of Humanity’s Most Unwelcome Guests- Rosemary Drisdelle

**All blogs by Midlands Kinesiology are intended for information purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose or treat. If you are concerned about your mental or physical health, contact your GP or other healthcare provider. Help is available-you are never alone.

The Samaritans- Freephone 116 123 Pieta House- Freephone 1800 247 247



Don’t let them piggy back off you!


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