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Australian Bush Flower Essences- What are they and how do they work?!

Everything that exists has an energy- you, me, the cat, the birds, the rocks in your garden, the flowers and plants, the crystal on the windowsill! We ALL have a unique vibrational rate or energy; this has been proven by physics and science. Vibrational or energetic imbalance affects the quality of our lives in many ways; both emotionally and physically. When we develop a dis-ease, this is an imbalance within our body. Our bodies store emotions and holding on to negative emotions can affect our emotional or mental health as well as our physical health.

Chinese medicine teaches that different emotions are stored in different meridians (energy lines) and organs within the body. For example, the kidneys, bladder and stomach hold on to worry or fear; this is why people with stomach problems or recurrent kidney infections or UTIs can sometimes have underlying anxiety or a deep-seated fear that needs to be cleared or worked on. We can treat a symptom ie. indigestion or infection, but if we do not clear the emotional element of a problem, it can become a recurring issue. With so much trauma throughout our lifetime, it makes sense that working to clear stored emotions can only benefit both our mental/ emotional and physical health. With so many emotional and mental health issues affecting us, I feel it is so important that we have emotional support to help us cope with the stressors of life today.

Flower Essences are made by infusing the energy of particular flowers into pure water. Each flower has a particular healing quality or essence, which helps a particular emotion or emotional state.

But how do I know which remedy I need?!

There is a flower essence to help with every single emotion we experience- using kinesiology (to muscle test what your body and subconscious wants to work on), or using the flower essence cards (which are absolutely beautiful pictures of each of the Australian Bush Flowers (pictured below), we tap into your subconscious brain to see what you need! Remember; your body knows exactly what you need! Our intuition (gut feeling) is also our subconscious brain guiding us to what we need! Go with your gut instinct, it’s rarely wrong! What we think in the here and now is our conscious brain; but we are actually working with what our body has stored throughout the years in our subconscious. 95% of our thoughts and feelings are coming from our subconscious. That memory of being left alone when you were 2 years old, that fear of flying or becoming separated from a parent at 4 years old, that emotional or physical abuse you encountered as a 9 year old… The anger and hostility you remember in your home as a teenager, the bullying or teasing about your physical appearance in primary school; all of these experiences have made up who you are now emotionally and mentally, and your body has stored ALL of these emotions that have impacted you. These experiences are affecting you now as an adult and may have manifested in a physical problem as well as affecting you emotionally. The Australian Bush Flower essences help to clear these stored emotions once and for all; to allow you to heal emotionally.

The effect of these essences releases negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind (remember, we are working on 95% of the subconscious brain!) Negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved, balance is restored and true healing occurs. The Bush Remedies not only help to give clarity to one’s life but also the courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue one’s goals and dreams or leave situations that are not benefiting you. They help to develop a higher level of intuition, self-esteem, spirituality, creativity and positivity. The more the Essences are used, the more one is likely to experience greater awareness and happiness in one’s life.

Maeve says this about the flower essences:

“Personally, I have been using the essences for approximately 6 years and they have helped me cope with huge emotional turmoil in my life; the sudden death of my father and the trauma and shock I had stored from this tragedy while I was at the other side of the world in New Zealand. A 36 hour journey isn’t so easy when you know what you’re coming home to. My mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer and the sadness and trauma I experienced while caring for her in her final months. She subsequently passed away peacefully and thankfully as I was holding her hand. My own health issues dealing with systemic inflammation from past surgeries. I honestly don’t think I would be so emotionally strong today if it were not for the Australian Bush flowers. I am so passionate about them as I know the healing power they have.  I cannot recommend them enough and I am very excited about teaching others about them and their healing powers. I am currently studying to become a Master Practitioner so I can train others in using them in practice and personally.”

Where did the essences actually come from?

In summary, the history of all flower essence healing can be traced back many hundreds of years across the world. The medicinal properties of Australian plants has been studied by the family of Ian White (founder of the Australian Bush Flower Company) since the 1850s. But flower essences have actually been used since the 12th century! The dew of plants and flowers was collected in early morning, by placing muslin cloths on the plants or flowers. This dew or water was then drank, or the ill person was wrapped in the cloths to infuse the energy of the flower or plant in to the body. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) was one of the first known prophets to use flower essences and she was a German Benedictine abbess, writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, visionary and healer. After Hildegard von Bingen, Peracelsus (1493-1541) a German-Swiss physician and alchemist used flower essences and also music for emotional healing. Indigenous people (Aboriginals) in Australia widely used flowers for healing; they ingested flowers, had people sit next to flowers on trees and also used essences made with flowers for healing. Edward Bach (The Bach Flower Essences) was next to use and develop flower essences widely. This is where ‘Rescue Remedy’ comes from; The Bach Flowers.

So why do I use and recommend Australian Bush Flower Essences in particular?

Australia has the world’s oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting tremendous beauty and strength. It is a relatively new country (founded circa 1770) so is relatively unpolluted and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy. The unique formulations and essences have been blended using Australian Bush Flower Essences with rare remedial qualities, ecologically gathered in unpolluted, pristine wilderness regions of the vast Australian landscape.

There are also flower essences available from the British Isles called Bach Flowers. These are also excellent for emotional healing and I have used these in the past as well. However, I have found the Australian Bush Flower Essences much stronger and faster acting, which is why I have chosen to use these both personally and in my practice.

Flower Essences can be used by the whole family including your pets – they are pure and natural. They do not interfere with medication and are also safe to use in pregnancy and when breastfeeding. Although they are preserved in a small amount of brandy, they can be preserved in another medium if necessary.

For more information, contact Maeve here. She would love to hear from you!

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