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Sinus Issues- the pain in the head no one wants!

Sinus issues can be an ongoing and debilitating condition that people seem to go around in circles with. We take antibiotics, steroids, nasal sprays, anti-histamines and nothing seems to clear it completely. Why? Well because the root cause is not being dealt with…

Causes of sinus issues:

BioKinesiology can test for and identify exactly what is causing your sinus issues; and in 90% of cases, it’s fungus or candida (yeast) in the system! There are many remedies you can take for sinus issues; the problem is, you need to test exactly which ones your body needs or you are wasting time and money on something that ‘might’ work! For example, one person might need a certain probiotic supplement and a mineral, whereas another person may need a strong herbal supplement only. A BioKinesiology session will be able to put you on the right path! But what causes sinus issues in the first place!?

1. Digestive Enzymes not working properly

We have enzymes or chemicals that break down all kinds of foods; Enzymes for Dairy (Milk Cheese, Butter, Chocolate, Ice Cream), Protein (Meat, fish, eggs, nuts), Carbohydrates (Bread, Pasta, Rice, Biscuits, Fruit & Vegetables, and Fats.

The first thing a BioKinesiologist will check or fix is your digestive enzymes! If these are not working, your undigested dairy and carbohydrates and feeding fungus & bacteria in your system and adding to your problem!

2. Overgrowth of candida/ fungus or bacteria in digestive system

When we only partially digest our dairy or carbohydrates, this allows fungus, candida and bad bacteria to thrive in your digestive system. If you think about how alcohol is made; yeast or fungus feeding on sugar, which produces alcohol- this is similar to what can happen in your gut. Bloating and excess wind can be common with fungal overload and this is similar to ethanol production. The gases given off with fungal or bacterial overload in your system can make your wind very smelly ! Gases produced can include Hydrogen Sulphide (Egg smell), Putrascine, Cadavarine (rotting smell), Ammonia and Phenol (which can give you a funny taste in your mouth, headaches, foggy brain and tiredness)

3. Lack of beneficial bacteria in gut and also in sinus/ oral cavities

Billions of good bacteria are naturally found in your oral cavity-Mouth Nose, throat, sinus and gastrointestinal (GI) tract and they help you maintain a healthy digestive tract. As you age, the number of bacteria in your body typically declines. This can result from diet, stress, antibiotic use, health conditions, and other causes. From birth, we obtain beneficial bacteria through breastmilk (if breast fed) and our microbiome or immune system is developed from our mother. Ie. If our mother has a healthy gut, our immune system will be stronger. If we are prone to infections as a child and are given antibiotics, this can strip our beneficial or good bacteria supply from a young age. Frequent antibiotic use as an adult has the same effect!

Taking certain types of probiotics (good bacteria) may help your sinus issue. I have found in clinic that certain strains that help to kill off fungus are particularly beneficial in treating sinus problems… Some of these good bacteria that people test for are coincidentally bacteria that we have in abundance as children and many patients would have completed a number of courses of antibiotics in childhood… Once these beneficial bacteria are replenished (and they are typically in abundance in the oral cavity and throat and nose), the sinus issue improves!

4. Unaddressed Dental Issues:

The floor of the main sinus near the nose is thin and lies directly above the roots of the teeth at the back of the mouth. Sometimes following infection or dental treatment, this structure becomes damaged and openings or channels between the mouth and the sinus are formed. These are known as oro-antral communications (OAC). If the OAC is left open (then described as an oro-antral fistula (OAF), it may become permanent, leading to long-lasting sinus infections.

5. High Histamine Levels in body:

Histamine is a compound which is released by cells in response to injury and in allergic and inflammatory reactions in the body. Histamine is associated with common allergic responses and symptoms and high histamine can cause your sinus symptoms, headaches, asthma, itchy skin, digestive issues, bloating, dizziness, vertigo, foggy brain, fatigue etc.

We naturally produce histamine and our bodies break down histamine from foods. However, sometimes the enzyme that breaks down histamine is not functioning correctly and this can lead to histamine levels being increased in the body. If we eat a lot of high histamine foods, this can cause the enzyme to malfunction, leading to a vicious cycle which exacerbates your symptoms.

Overgrowth of bad bacteria in your system can also lead to high histamine levels.

High Histamine Foods include

Coffee, Alcohol, Dairy products- milk, yoghurt, mature cheese

→Other fermented foods- sauerkraut, pickles

→Smoked meats/ packaged meats



Bananas, Oranges, Berries, Chocolate should also be avoided as much as possible as they cause more histamine to be released into the system.

How BioKinesiology can help get to the root of your sinus:

In your BioKinesiology session, your practitioner will firstly test to see what toxins are in your system affecting your sinus- Fungus, Candida, Bacteria, Parasites, Heavy Metals etc. We would then check your digestive enzymes to see if you are breaking down your food correctly. The chances are, you are not digesting your carbohydrate or dairy from your diet correctly.  This needs to be corrected, if you are to have a chance at healing the sinus for good; anti histamines only put a plaster on the issue and after prolonged use, they can lose their effectiveness. Your body will also indicate to the practitioner whether the issue is chemical (something going on in terms of toxins and bacteria in the sinus), or structural.

If you have a sinus issue that is recurring, it may be worth doing the following:

Cutting out the foods listed above (particularly coffee, dairy and refined white carbohydrates) to see if it improve

Try an anti-candida or anti-fungal diet which incorporates lots of vegetables and complex carbohydrates that fungus will find it more difficult to break down.

Cut out simple sugars as they are feeding fungus and making your problem worse; sugary drinks, biscuits, chocolate, snacks… if you must have sugar, replace sugar in drinks with stevia or honey- these are natural sugars.

Increase your water intake- if you are dehydrated, your sinus will be dry! Drink 2- 3 pints of good quality water per day.

Get a humidifier or diffuser for your bedroom/ office or place small bowls of water around rooms you occupy most- this will moisten the air and should give some relief to very dry sinus. Failing this, use hot water and a bowl to create steam and inhale for a little while in evening.

Increase anti- fungal foods such as garlic, onion, coriander, ginger, oregano, cinnamon, coconut, apple cider vinegar. (If taking medication, check there are no contraindications with your pharmacist or GP)

Overall, it is worth getting to the root cause of your issue and BioKinesiology can help do this. To see who your nearest BioKinesiologist is, click here!

Or to speak to Maeve, click here.

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